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ADOY are a synth pop band based in Seoul, made up of Juhwan Oh (vocals/guitar), Zee (synths/vocals), Dayoung Jeong (bass/vocals), and Geunchang Park (drums). Their music reminds the listener of simple and intuitive things, like the Summer, the ocean, the waves, surfing, beer, cigarettes, small-talk, youth: the small things that make you smile. In those images are mixed sounds of city-pop, 80’s romantic pop, typical indie rock, and dream pop, among others: ADOY integrates elements from various genres into their synth-based concoctions.

Ever since their debut 2017 EP ‘CATNIP’ garnered attention in the Korean indie scene, topping the Korean indie sales chart multiple times and receiving nominations at the Korean Music Awards, ADOY have been diligent in music production and live performances. They started out touring local hometown pubs and clubs, then quickly became one of the most popular acts for Korea’s biggest rock festivals. Now they have recently completed headline tours in Asia and the U.S., and are planning shows in other regions like Europe and Australia.



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