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Step into the captivating world of cotoba, a band destined to stir the depths of your soul. With their enchanting blend of clean guitar tones, mesmerizing bass lines, and syncopated drums, they weave a tapestry of wordless emotions that resonate with the essence of loss.

cotoba's music is a language unto itself, a primal scream of desires, much like a newborn child entering this chaotic world. Through their raw and electrifying live performances, they articulate the unspoken, connecting on a profound level with their audience.

In a society burdened by social obligations and the weight of expectations, cotoba becomes a guiding light, extending a helping hand to those adrift in the mundane. Their melodies flow like crystal-clear streams, carrying the weight of emotion, while intricate time signatures add layers of complexity to their sonic landscapes.

Like a poem that seems nonsensical when read conventionally, cotoba offers to untangle loss through revealing a profound empathy in their music. Their performance transcends mere sounds, capturing the very essence of human existence, and beckoning you to immerse yourself in their profound musical journey.



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