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※ Networking ReceptionとAfter Partyでも



Networking Reception

10.24 TUE 15:00-19:00

(Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu6階宴会場)

After Party

10.25 WED 22:30-24:30

(渋谷 DJ Bar 東問屋 ※Spotify O-EAST内 2F)

2017年にシングル「RIDE」でデビューし、卓越した音楽性とユニークなヴォーカルで聴く者を魅了するシンガーソングライター SOLE (ソル)。


2020年、 Dynamic Duoが設立した韓国のヒップホップ/R&Bレーベルであるアメーバカルチャーの一員となったSOLE (ソル)は、 「LOVIN U (Feat. pH-1)」、「Stay with me (Feat. Wonstein)」等のリリースで好評を得た後、2022年9月にリリースしたファースト・フル・アルバム『imagine club』では全曲の作詞・作曲に参加し、日本のトップアルバム部門で15位を記録して、自身の芸術性と音楽的発展を見せるR&Bシンガーソングライターとしての地位を確固たるものにした。


同年、韓国で最高の視聴率を誇るMBCのバラエティ番組「遊ぶなら何する?」内のプロジェクト・グループWSG WANNABEとユニット4FIREのメンバーに選ばれ、シングル「I Missed You」をリリースして数ヶ月にわたって韓国の音源チャート1位に上り詰め、感覚的な音楽性のみならず、大衆性までも確保した。


2023年上半期には、ソン・シギョンとのコラボレーション・シングル「Need you」をリリース、韓国最高の女性R&Bアーティストとしての評価を揺るぎないものにし、日本でもチャートインするなど、海外リスナーの確保を通して国内外のR&Bファンの間で高い人気を得るようになった。


それだけではなく、優れた実力を認められてK-POPアーティストのBrown Eyed Soul、EXO-SC、テヨン、WINNERのソン・ミノ、iKONのBobby、Highlightのヤン・ヨソプ等、有名ベテラン歌手から若手の人気アイドルまで、ヴォーカル、作詞等のコラボレーション要請を受けて様々な音楽活動に参加し、R&Bの枠を超えたグローバルなK-POPファン層を確保して、あらゆるジャンルを消化するアーティストであることを証明した。



Singer-songwriter SOLE made his debut in 2017 with "RIDE," capturing the public's attention with his unique musical color and distinctive vocals.

In 2020, SOLE became a member of Amoeba Culture, a Korean hip-hop/R&B label founded by the dynamic duo.
Following successful releases such as "LOVIN U (feat. pH-1)" and "Stay by my side (feat. Wonstein) 
In September 2022, he participated in writing and composing all of the songs on his first full-length album, "IMAGINE CLUB," which reached #15 on Japan's Top Albums, solidifying his position as an R&B singer-songwriter who demonstrates his artistry and musical development.

In the same year, she was selected as a member of the project group "WSG Wannabe" and the unit "4FIRE" of MBC's "What Do You Do When You Play?", the country's highest-rated entertainment program, and released the single "I Missed You", which topped the domestic music charts for several months, securing not only her sensational musicianship but also her popularity.

In the first half of 2023, she released a collaborative single album "Need you" with Sung Sikyung, establishing herself as the best female R&B artist in Korea, and entered the Japanese music charts, gaining overseas listeners and gaining great popularity among domestic and international R&B fans.

In addition, due to her unparalleled talent, she has been requested to collaborate with K-Pop artists such as Brown Eyed Soul, EXO-SC, Taeyeon, WINNER's Song Minho, Icon Bobby, and Highlight's Yang Yoseop, among other veteran and popular idol singers, and has participated in various musical activities, securing a broader global K-Pop fan base and proving herself to be an artist who can handle all genres.

In addition, in addition to receiving various requests from various magazines and brands (Olive Young, Coca-Cola, Lacoste, City Breeze, etc.), he is planning and launching a collaboration product with a French perfume brand, and is expected to increase awareness by spreading Korean fashion and beauty culture with his differentiated charm among various fan bases who love not only music but also K-fashion and K-beauty.



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