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KISU debuted as part of the seven-member idol group ‘24K’ in 2012 in South Korea. They gained huge popularity among international fans, selling more than 3,000 tickets per performance in more than 30 countries around the world, including Europe and South America.

In 2017, KISU began his solo career with the release of the EP “Sweet Lies.” Since then, he released six solo albums, “BOY,” “Waves of you,” “Will be fine,” “Cheese burger,” and “Drive!”. His consistent solo activities have received constant attention from international fans.

KISU is a versatile artist who is actively involved in various aspects of production, including writing and composing his own songs, as well as directing music videos for other artists. He continues to engage in diverse activities as a multi-talented artist.

After lefting 24K in 2020, By actively participating in production, KISU has beeing proving that he is a talented artist. He is not only composing his own songs, but also directed music videos for other artists.



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