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The genre base of THE SOLUTIONS music is an organic combination of classic rock and current mainstream pop sounds from the UK and American regions. Such experimenting and genre-blending marked the beginning of the concept named FUTURE POP, which had never
existed before. The true nature of THE SOLUTIONS sound was imprinted with the release of an impactful self-titled album in 2012. Neat melody lines, well-organized dance beats, and rock vibes quickly attracted attention and fascinated critics and music fans. The release of their second album [MOVEMENTS] was crucial in highlighting experimental elements and has opened opportunities for overseas activities.


Following the European club tour in 2016, THE SOLUTIONS 

successfully performed in six cities in North America including LA, San Diego, etc. They continued pushing through to the international music scene at Spain’s ‘Primavera Sound’ Festival, Asia’s ‘Far East Union,’ and ‘Summer Sonic.’

In 2019, THE SOLUTIONS landed EP [SIGNATURE] which marked the beginning of their new EP series project. They continued expanding the musical spectrum by releasing EP [LOAD] in 2020 and EP [TIME] in 2022. The latest EP [TIME] featured an acoustic composition and showcased a completely different sentiment compared to THE SOLUTIONS’ previous synth-oriented works.



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